About the Digital Programs and Systems Division

The Digital Programs and Systems Division has three major areas of responsibility within University Libraries:

  • Systems - The Systems Group manages the IT infrastructure for University Libraries. Solaris, Linux and Mac OSX servers offer a number of enterprise-wide services including inPrimo and Voyager. DPS operates all technology on the Fairfax campus for University Libraries. We rely upon our friends in the ITU for our robust networking

  • Data Services - The Data Services Group provides help with locating and utilizing numeric, statistical, geospatial, and qualitative data; provides access to Federal and Virginia depository publications as well as the map collection; and offers consultation services for funding-mandated data management plans.

  • Digital Programs - a group of core services for the digital library (e.g., Copyright Resources Office; the Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS); our LUNA imaging system; support for scholarly communication activities such as Research Profiles @ Mason and more.